• She was the first player from Puerto Rico to earn full membership on the LPGA Tour in 2017 and was named the rookie of the year for the LPGA in 2018.

María Torres is Puerto Rico’s newest promising young golf star, though many already believe she’s the best Puerto Rican player of all times. Why? Because Torres is the first player from the Caribbean Island to earn full membership into the LPGA Tour.

The ease with which Torres became a professional has drawn attention to her. She shone on the college stage during her time at the University of Florida, then surprisingly made it through Q-Scholl on her first try. (Q-Scholl is a parameter for players who want to earn the Tour Membership, and some of the best players had to try more than once to achieve it, even Top 10 caliber players.) She continued on this promising career path to become the rookie of the year of the LPGA in 2018.

Torres’ playing style is very aggressive, much like the way she broke into the golf world. She pushes the envelope to the limit, but as a young woman she’s also learning to take more measured risks to obtain better scores without neglecting the tenacity and daring that occasionally gives her several birdies in a row.

Although she works incredibly hard and has passionately dedicated her life to this sport, training from sunrise till sunset, Torres does enjoy other sports: she is a fan of the Boston Red Sox, for example, and her admiration for Lebron James inspires her to be the best in what she does.

Torres is a woman who proudly represents her country and is undoubtedly a player that will surprise many over the coming years. It is likely we are in the presence of a new Lorena Ochoa, or, at least, a competitor who will be more than a match for the likes of Ko Ji-Young, Park Sung-Hyun, and Lexi Thompson, to name a few.

María Torres has all the ingredients to be a success: Innate talent, no fear of hard work, and the support of her family, coaches, technical team, and friends on her journey to achieve her dream of become number one in the golf world.

She is a warrior, a woman who survived the devastation Hurricane María wrought on Puerto Rico to go on to be part of an elite tournament, thus writing her name on the annals of the LPGA.

Currently, María Torres is in 118th position on the Rolex Ranking and 79th on the CME Ranking, each with more than 300 thousand and 140 thousand dollars in profit, respectively, but there is no doubt this is just the beginning.

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