Why Choose Mexico

We know you have your choice of where to travel, but when it comes to selecting destination,
we hope Mexico is at the top of your list.

Preconceived notions of Mexico as simply a destination of beaches, beaches and more beaches with a heaping helping of sun, sand and surf have been dispelled as travelers have chosen to expand their horizons and discover the true character of this country. Not only is it steeped in a vast and colorful history, but Mexico also has an extraordinary number of championship golf courses, exquisite accommodations and fine dining, upscale shopping and local handicrafts, a vast reserve of ecological preserves just waiting to be explored, a wonderfully eclectic nightlife and, yes, some of the finest beaches in the world.

Beyond the Golf Course

What do you do when you finish your game? Pretty much no matter what you enjoy, you’ll find you’re in the right place in Mexico. Where else can you combine fun in the sun with archaeological exploits or colonial pursuits with an ecotourism adventure?

Mexico’s thousands of miles of coastline provide plenty of chill beach time, sport fishing opportunities galore and an underwater world to explore. On land, jungle or desert excursions, tours to the magical ruins of Mexico’s past civilizations and gourmet opportunities await. A culturally rich country, there are museums and theaters, and festivals both popular and highbrow to enjoy—including the Day of the Dead, a picturesque celebration that has been photographed, filmed, and seen around the world. Adventure travel can take you to the top of snowy peaks, through sacred caverns for a swim in freshwater sinkholes, zip-lining through the treetops or rafting down Class IV rapids.

As you can see, this vast country offers you much to choose from as far as destinations are concerned, and hotels can be equally as varied, from sprawling all-inclusives to intimate boutique properties or cutting-edge city hotels, not to mention the unique haciendas that dot the Yucatán peninsula, beautifully renovated remains of the age of the plantations and the green gold called sisal. You’ll find just about every hotel brand you can imagine, so you can use your loyalty programs as you wish. And Mexico’s excellent service is legendary.

Getting There & Around

Mexico really is closer than ever: It has the third largest number of airports by country in the world, with seven of these absorbing 90 percent of air travel (Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta). They are served by all the major airlines, which continue to expand frequency of flights to Mexican destinations. Plus, its vast network of domestic flights means it’s also easy to get to where you want to be within the country—and usually for a modest sum.

Prefer to drive? The country has an extensive road network—think highways and super-highways—and top-notch transportation services.