The incentive travel is a tool that stimulates employees. Employers want to provide an experience that employees might not do on their own. In addition, the experience should be fun and memorable for a diverse group of participants.

Golf is a sport that appeals to a wide range of individuals, regardless of age or gender, in addition, the game has attracted 500,000 new golfers in the United States since 2019. It is played outdoors in a healthy natural environment offering a recreational activity for experienced golfers and beginners alike.

The game is a social sport that encourages interaction and permits effortless networking. Incentive programs include a relationship-building component, activities can be arranged for golfers of all levels, permitting them to set goals which align with the concept of personal growth and achievement which is the foundation of incentive programs.

Mexico has internationally renowned destinations that offer golfing experiences. From world-class championship courses to golf courses with various length options that adapt for lower skill or beginning golfers. Renowned architects have designed natural works of art against stunning backdrops including magnificent coastal views in the Pacific, stunning ocean views and mangroves in the Caribbean, and rugged beauty in the Baja California desert. All regions offer famed and challenging golf courses.

As a golfer, I will add, golfers remember where they were playing when they made a great golf shot. Your guests will go home bragging of this memorable experience. Mexico has an established golf infrastructure, a pleasant year-round climate, rich culture, as well as scrumptious gastronomy which makes it a natural destination for golf and incentives.

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